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  • Yep, you can get them wet. Cleaning your lashes is so important for healthy lash retention. Dirt and bacteria can build up around the lash line creating a risk of infection. Plus they will last much longer if they are clean. Use a oil free make up cleanser, morning and night. 

  • Please don't pick or pull your lashes, not only will it damage your lashes, oil and bacteria on your finger tips can break down the lash glue.

  • Mascara contains a lot of oil, which breaks down the glue in your lashes, causing them to fall out. Plus it clumps the lashes up!

  • Make up, facial serums and creams can all have a high concentration of oil, during the day they can coat your lashes, again reducing the life of your lashes. My advice is to check your ingredients and if your unsure don't apply anything near the lashes. 

  • Pillow fibres cause friction and can pull on your lashes without you realising it, try to sleep on your back. You may find the side that you sleep on has less lashes over time. Purchasing a silk sleep mask or pillow case can reduce lash loss.

  • We recommend infills every 2 / 3 weeks. You should have at least 50% of your lashes remaining to constitute a infill. (Less than 50% will be classed as a full set and you may be charged extra).

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