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Shape It Up - Fluffy Brow Fixing Soap Kit

Shape It Up - Fluffy Brow Fixing Soap Kit


'Its like a brow lamination at home'. Fluff your brows to perfection.  


Our clear, residue free formula has been devloped to create sleek 'salon style' brows that stay in shape all day long. Enriched with Coconut oil & Vitamin E to keep your brows beautifully nourished. 


Brow Wand Included

  1. Dampen your brow wand.
  2. Use a small amount of brow soap.
  3. Starting at the middle of the brow, brush through the brow in upwards motions until you have the desired shape.
  4. Repeat on the other brow and fill in with brow pencil if necessary.
  5. Remove with cleanser and warm water.
  6. For the PERFECT brow combo use our NOURISH brow oil to keep those brows super healthy and full.


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