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Squeaky Clean Lash Shampoo Set

Squeaky Clean Lash Shampoo Set

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Keep those lash extensions full and fluffy with our gentle foaming cleanser, suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. Remove make up & bacteria build up. Use daily to prolong the life of your lash extensions... oil from make up, products and your own skin can break down the lash glue resulting in premature lash loss.


Vegan Formula 

Not tested on animals

(For a comfortable application ensure your eye is closed throughout the process)

  1. Apply the foam to the lashes with your fluffy brush.
  2. Use the fluffy brush to sweep away impurites from the lash line.
  3. Repeat until clean.
  4. Repeat the brushing motion with water to remove the cleanser.
  5. DO NOT RUB DRY, pat gently or use a lash fan.
  6. Once dry brush lashes through with a spoolie.


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