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Brow wax tint and shape, henna tint



Brows are waxed, shaped, and tinted to precision. We use a luxury henna tint perfectly colour matched to your style. We recommend that you grow your brows before your appointment so you can get your best ever brows – if you have sparse brows look at our nourishing brow oil to strengthen those brow hairs.

Treatment Time: 

45 minutes

Patch Test Required? 



Varies per location


Frame your face with the ultimate brow treatment. The brow lamination relaxes the hair at the root, so you can style your brows in seconds, this treatment is perfect for those looking for fuller fluffier brows or to tame unruly hairs. We always include a wax, shape and luxury henna tint. 

Treatment Time: 

1 Hour 

Patch Test Required? 



Varies per location

brow lamination and tint


How long does a tint last? 

Around 3/4 weeks.

Will a brow lamination suit me? 

The brow lamination relaxes the hair to make the brows easier to style. The hairs are not fixed in shape and you are able to change the style of the brow after the treatment. 

How long does brow lamination results last? 

The lamination results last from 5 - 8 weeks, this varies with every individual. 


Can I go on the sunbeds after a brow treatment? 

Avoid all heat including hot showers, sunbeds and saunas for 24 hours following the treatment.  

Does a brow lamination work for thin brows? 

Yes! its a perfect treatment to create fuller looking brows. 

Do you male brows? 

Of course we do, everyone's welcome at Tiger Lilli Beauty. 


  • Avoid heat such as sunbed or hot showers, moisture (including make-up in the area) and steam for the 24/48 hours following the treatment

  • If you experience irritation, swelling or redness contact the salon and seek medical attention. Mild redness after a wax is expected, however if it does not subside after 24 hours seek medical attention. 

  • Apply a nourishing oil every night before bed, to strengthen the hairs resulting in thicker, fuller brows. 

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