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The original lash extension. One lash is attached to one natural lash, this type of eyelash extension is perfect for those natural beauty lovers. Our classic lashes can be customised to your desired look, we can change the length and style to suit you. 

Treatment Time: 

1.5 to 2 hours

Patch Test Required? 



Varies per location 

Classic Lash Extensions
Volume lash extensions



Our signature lash service, we always use handmade volume fans to create weightless lashes. Volume lashes can range from a delicate natural to style to full strip lash glam. Every set of lashes we create are tailored to your individual style…

Treatment Time: 

2 hours +

Patch Test Required? 



Varies per location 


We use the lightest handmade volume fans so you will have all the drama without the weight. Between 15/20 strands are applied to one lash, providing the thickest darkest lashes possible, we are able use these lashes as they are so light they will not damage the natural lashes. Extreme volume is perfect for those looking for beautiful weightless lashes.  

Treatment Time: 

2.5 hours +

Patch Test Required? 



Varies per location 

Mega Volume lash extensions


Do i need a patch test? 

Yes, every client needs a patch test even if you have had lash extensions previously. 

How old do I need to be? 

16 with a guardians consent. 

Are lash extensions safe? 

Yes when the lashes are applied correctly. We take time to ensure that one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Every clients lashes are assessed and we only use lashes that can be supported by your natural lashes without damage.

Can I get the lashes wet? 

Absolutely yes. We strongly advise you clean your lash extensions daily to prevent bacteria build up and ensure the lashes stay full and fluffy. 

Will sunbeds affect the lash extensions? 

In some cases heat can cause mild premature lash loss, this can also happen during extreme weather conditions. 

How do I know which lashes to get? 

We can discuss and advise the best type of lashes suited for you, we welcome you to bring picture with you to your appointment so we are able to see the style your looking to achieve. 

Can I change my style? 

Yes, you can change you style, even on infill appointments we are able to adjust the style, however depending on how dramatic the change is we may need to do a removal and full set. 


Do we  infill lashes from other salons? 

We will assess your current lashes at the patch test/ consultation appointment. We may be able to infill lashes in good condition. 

Can I wear makeup? 

Yes, of course. However liquid eyeliner and cream eyeshadows are not advised. Do not apply mascara or strip lashes to your lash extensions. Please take extra care to clean your lashes daily when wearing heavy makeup. 

When should I get an infill? 

2/3 weeks - any longer we advise a full set. With a good cleaning routine and proper care lashes should last up to 5/6 weeks before a new set is required. 

Do lash extensions hurt or feel heavy? 

No absolutely not, lashes applied correctly should feel weightless. You should almost forget you have them. 

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